Henan Dacheng Group is a comprehensive joint-stock cooperative enterprise integrating high-quality wheat variety promotion, farm base construction, purchasing and storage, processing, surface processing, sales and logistics. Flour Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhumadian Tianzhong Flour Industry Co., Ltd., Zhumadian City Food Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Dacheng Industry Co., Ltd., Zhumadian City Orient Oriental Grain Reserve Co., Ltd., Henan Chengfeng Seed Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhumadian The existing total assets of 3.23 billion yuan, more than 1250 employees, including large, secondary or higher education accounted for more than 60 percent of staff, research and development of 186 technical staff. With 6 leading international level of wheat flour production line and 15 Shou Ganmian, hand row and other noodles series of product line (in May 2013 put into operation 8 domestic 1 meter advanced production line; another 7 old production line is gradually upgrading ); Annual processing of 1 million tons of wheat conversion, with an annual output of more than 100 varieties of noodles hanging 240,000 tons, the total grain storage capacity of 700,000 tons. Its annual processing of 450,000 tons of wheat production line with full negative pressure safety and health flour production system, the system is a domestic initiative. The production of "Yuhua", "Qin Sheng", "Yingge", "Bao Jiafu", "Liu" and "Liu Yuejin" and other brands of flour and flour products sell well all over the country.

  • Address: Liuge Food Industrial Park, Zhumadian City, Henan Province      Tel:+86 396-2206222     Fax:+86 396-2206222      Web:www.dachenggroup.com

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